Midas Mediscience

Enhancing the discovery, selection and validation of safe & effective medicines using proprietary pattern recognition methods for the analysis of human tissue models.

About Midas Mediscience

Midas Mediscience Ltd operates from office and laboratory facilities located on the Kent Science Park in Sittingbourne, United Kingdom, from where it services clients in the pharmaceutical and pre-clinical research sector worldwide.

Midas was established to commercialise the DrugPrint® R&D programme originated at QinetiQ. The former UK Government Central Defence Laboratories, pioneered work on biosensors and developed the novel DrugPrint® software to provide rapid discriminatory analysis of cellular responses to unknown chemical agents. This system has been refined and optimised to provide detailed information on human ion channel responses to new drugs in development.

The Midas team is one of the most experienced in the industry, with approaching ten years of experience in the development and interpretation of cell-based assays, in particular, the evaluation of ion channels via electrophysiological responses in a variety of cardiac cell and tissue models.

Today the company provides experimental DrugPrint® analysis on new pharmaceutical and industrial compounds using its multi-cellular cultured human cardiac model in addition to processing raw MEA data from 3rd parties using DrugPrint® to identify key features and associations.